X-OS : the unknown operating system ;)

X-OS is a project I started when I was a student some years ago.
The goal of this project was not to rule the world :) , the first goal was to understand intel CPU internals.
After reading thousand of documentations about intel i386 processors family, I startind coding a simple boot sector then a 16bits shell using asm languages, but this was not enougth for me.
I then started learning how an OS can be coded in a higher level language like C, how it can allocate memory, execute binary code, switch kernel/user mode ...etc all this brougth me to rewrite X-OS kernel in a 32bits version and this time it was composed of a tiny assembly part and the rest was coded in C...
At this point, I started learning how can I port my OS to run it from a smart card chip, it may sound crazy but it's possible ! ...
I had lesser spare time for X-OS and stopped the developpement in a quite stable release witch can be downloaded and compiled under linux.
So X-OS is dead :( ? Thank's to Open Source, some developpers continued taking pieces of my code to include them into their own OS projects or other applications' codes ... so X-OS is still living somewhere inside other codes :).
If you feel interested in low level stuff, you can grab the source code in download section, or just download the floppy image to play with X-OS on a virtual mchine,
I'm not sure if it will compile without modifications, because gcc compiler and libc had lot of changes since I stoped the developpement.
Alaa-eddine KADDOURI

Latest version 32bits

Version 0.3.3 : What you see just after the boot screen

Version 0.3.3 : three parallel tasks

Older versions 32bits

The first 32bits shell, independent from the kernel


Very Old versions 16bits this is the 100% assembly version ;)